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May 2, 2023

EP-95 Insulin to treat Parkinson’s Disease??

EP-95 Insulin to treat Parkinson’s Disease??
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You read the title correctly, and no it's not a typo. There are in fact health care providers  /doctors (in the US) using insulin infusions to treat Non-diabetic patients with Parkinson’s disease. Isn't that interesting? First I'd heard of it too. But when Judy mentioned that  a mutual friend was participating in a trial and was seeing good results... my first thought was "Ask him if he’d like to come talk with us on the show about his experience."

With pleasure INDY Co-hosts Judy and Travis sit down with Matt and Cindy Robinson and discuss their experience with the company Well Cell Global and its patented Physiologic Insulin Resensitization therapy.

You can read more about Well Cell here.

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